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We make professional photo editing services available to businesses of all sizes. He can outsource one project at a time or hire his own team from our professional editors.

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High-End Photo Editing Services

Outsource your professional photo editing services to Clipping Path Tech. We are a creative company that respects the business spirit. Whether you’re a popular photographer, an e-commerce business owner, or a busy magazine editor, we value your time. So if we say we’ll deliver on a certain day, you can expect your photos completed that day, if not sooner.

Our team of image editors and retouchers work efficiently while maintaining the high quality of editing we’re known for. We handle all types of photo editing requests, from simple product photo cleanups to more complex photo edits needed for large-scale marketing campaigns.

Clipping Path Tech has also invested in powerful photo editing software and computers and has mastered a wide range of photo editing techniques, from background removal to image masking to clipping paths. Are you pressed for time and need to outsource your photo editing? We can help too. Our experienced team will bulk edit your photos and deliver your finished images on time. Clipping Path Tech, a full-service, high-end photo editing company, helps you save time and resources by covering all your post-production needs under one roof.

Professional Photo Editing Services

Clipping Path Tech provides all kinds of image editing services. If you want to edit your photos, check out our services. Clipping Path Tech offers a full range of graphic design services including: Examples: clipping path service, jewelry image retouching service, e-commerce photo editing service, image masking service, image color correction service, real estate photo editing, photo retouching, image background removal service, image ghost mannequin effect service, image shadow creation service, photography Restoration services, image processing services, wedding photo editing services, image raster to vector conversion services, photo background removal services, banner design services, logo design services.

In summary, Clipping Path tech company has over 100 professional graphic designers providing graphic design services. If your business needs a photo editor, technology company Clipping Path can help provide you with the right and experienced photo editor.

photo editing services | Clippinh path tech

Photo Editing Services We Provide

Portrait Photo Editing | Clipping Path Tech

Portrait Photo Editing

Only $6 per photo. We guarantee that your portrait photos will look great and be professionally edited. Our retoucher enhances body shape and skin texture and removes unnecessary imperfections to make your model look realistically edited.
Portrait photo editing services include:

Color adjustment

Skin smoothing

Removal of skin dirt and hair loss

Make-up fix

Just $0.25 per photo. Add a romantic atmosphere to your photos. Our team can add highlights, adjust colors, and enhance backgrounds quickly and at the most affordable price.
Wedding photo editing services include:

Stylized color correction
Retouching skin structure
Smooth out wrinkles in clothes
Fix lighting issues

Body photo editing services

Body Photo Editing

Only $6 per photo. We make all our models look great. Remove all skin and body impurities, reshape body parts, enlarge muscles and fix makeup
Body photo editing services include:

Makes your body curve slimmer
Avoid and burn
Breast enlargement
Cellulite removal
Background enhancement
Hair loss removal

Newborn Photo Editing by CPT

Only $6 per photo. We will help you turn your baby’s photos into a wonderful photo album. Our experts will remove blemishes, adjust red tones and colors, remove props, and transform your background to look natural.
Newborn photo editing services include:

Skin tone enhancement and airbrushing
Retouching of nose, eyes and cheeks
Background editing
Color emphasis
Remove unnecessary props
Body retouch

Product photo editing services


Only $2.50 per photo. Let us help you expand your customer base. Our experts expertly edit your product and e-commerce photos to make them Amazon- and catalog-worthy.

Product photo editing services include:

Remove/replace background
Color correction
Cut out the shadow
Ghost mannequin technique
Noise reduction
Clipping path

Only $6 per photo. Make your jewelry photos shine and look perfect. Enhance gems, replace backgrounds, fix colors and remove unnecessary objects.

Jewelry photo editing services include:

Background removal
To make the jewels shine
Color emphasis
Reflection distance
Smoothing of metal surfaces

Clipping path tech

A Little More About Clipping Path Tech

Clipping Path Tech is a commercial photography post-production platform. We have provided a wide range of editing services to create high-quality images, mainly for the e-commerce industry.

For over 10 years, we have offered affordable prices, exceeded delivery expectations, and strictly adhered to our customers’ requirements. Our goal is to provide pixel-perfect editing to all businesses that utilize our services, minimizing concerns about the quality of their photo production.

Would you like to start? Contact us or start your free trial today.

Frequently Asked Questions
Have any question ?
How fast are your professional photo editing services?

You can receive your images within 12-24 hours. Images can be delivered to Flow customers within an hour.

What professional photo editing services do you offer?

We offer so many services that we cannot introduce them here. Check out all photo editing solutions here.

Do We Offer Bulk Image Discounts?

Yes, we do it. Our discount policy applies. The more you order, the higher the discount rate. You can calculate your discount amount on our website. Simply specify the number of images you wish to process and the expected return period.

What Photoshop Software Do We Use?

Adobe Photoshop is our primary editing software. Continually update your Photoshop program to make sure you’re using the latest version. This way you won’t miss out on new features. If you have special requirements, we also have other well-known editing software available.

What is the Best File Format To Send Us?

The best file format for editing in Photoshop is RAW. As the original version of the image, you have the freedom to rework it in a variety of ways, ensuring your edits are as accurate as possible. Also accepts JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, Bitmap, PSD, EPS, RAW (.cr2, .cr3, .nef, .orf, .raw, .sr2 .nef).

How do I choose the best photo editing service provider?

To choose the best photo editing company, look at their experience, expertise, and sample work. You can use the “Free Trial” to try out the way it works for yourself.

Is there a guarantee for quality Photography editing?

Yes, we 100% guarantee high-quality image editing and offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee if you don’t like the output. However, this rarely happens as our in-house experts provide pixel-perfect editing solutions that outperform our competitors.

How long does it take to deliver the edited photos?

Processing time varies depending on the complexity of the task. But here at Clipping Path Tech he can deliver within 24 hours.

    We will help you achieve your Graphics designs goals. At garage, we can help you every step of the way. Join our family and own your business. What are you waiting for? Take the first step today.

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    We will help you achieve your Graphics designs goals. At garage, we can help you every step of the way. Join our family and own your business. What are you waiting for? Take the first step today.

    Clipping Path Tech LTD © 2023. All Rights Reserved. Designed by MetaFore Online

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