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Looking for top-notch Photoshop services to make your images stand out? Our team of qualified professionals can make your images shine. We provide detailed image retouching services, delicate clipping path drawing services, precise color correction services, etc.

We always use the pen tool in Photoshop to create hand-drawn clipping paths. Create a clipping path to get at least 300% of the screen to see every detail perfectly. All cropped images undergo a quality check by our clipping path experts. We promise you 100% satisfactory work. best clipping path services

Best clipping path services

What is Clipping Path?

Clipping path is a process in Photoshop software that uses the Photoshop Pen tool to cut out the background of an image from its background. Adobe Photoshop software has several tools to remove the background and preserve the image, including: Magical tools. However, the background removal result is not exact, but the Pen tool provides a precise clipping path to cut the image and applies different methods of background color considering the client aspect. This service is also known as Vector Path. A clipping path is created around the edges of the image using the Pen tool. When applying a service to an image, you can omit anything outside the clipping path or include anything inside the clipping path. Clipping paths are used for images with both sharp and hard edges, and multiple clipping paths create a blur.

Why Multi Clipping Path needed?

For some reason I need to change certain colors in an image, but I usually can’t change the colors on a part-by-part basis. The Multi Clipping Path service provides a great way to make small adjustments to each color in your image by drawing a pen toolpath around each color.

What are the reasons for doing Clipping Path Services?

  • Crop and crop the image and change the background to a different color.
  • If the image needs to be cropped from the background, this is used for the edge areas of the image due to the precision of the crop.
  • This is also used to create sharp edges in images.
  • Image color correction using multiple clipping paths.

Who needs these Services?

Clipping path services are needed by those who work closely with publications. These include the printing industry, printing companies, graphic design companies, magazine design, web design and development companies, the photo publishing industry, online merchandise shops, advertising agencies, photographers, newspapers, and individuals.

How is the Clipping Path done at Clipping Path Tech?

Open the provided image in Photoshop and select the Pen tool. Draw a Pen tool path around the edge of the image and select the working path to Path 1. Now you can select the entire clipping path to extract the image and paste the image onto different background colors. Depending on the clarity of the image, we also perform blurring processing according to customer requests. This cut background image can be used in various image editing programs such as In-Design, Illustrator, etc. When you place an image in In-Design, it already omits the background, so only the image is visible. In order to provide you with the best and 100% high quality clipping path service, we guarantee that our paths are 100% created by hand using Photoshop pen tools.

Working Procedure of Clipping Path at Clipping Path Tech:

First, the designer creates a clipping path for the image and sends it to the team leader in charge of production control. The team leader will check the quality of the clipping path and check if the photo requires initial corrections. The completed clipping path image is forwarded to the quality controller to check the details. The quality controller checks the quality of the entire image path and if it is found that major corrections are needed, he immediately calls the designer and shows him what the clipping path should be like. I request you to do so. This allows the designer to be more comfortable with her 100% clipping path and preserve the state of the image. quality. Finally, the finished image is passed to a specialist who transfers the file to the individual customer’s account on the server. They double-check the image quality, size, parts of each edge, pass quality, number of images submitted by the customer, number of images created, etc., and finally upload the file.

We have 3 experts review your order to ensure you get the best clipping path service. This is easier said than done. Because the people working with CPT EXPERTS Company already have nearly 10 years of experience in outsourcing various clipping path companies, and finally we worked together to establish this clipping path outsourcing. So, there is no doubt that this is 100% the leading clipping path and photo editing service.

Clipping path tech

A Little More About Clipping Path Tech

Clipping Path Tech is a commercial photography post-production platform. We have provided a wide range of editing services to create high-quality images, mainly for the e-commerce industry.

For over 10 years, we have offered affordable prices, exceeded delivery expectations, and strictly adhered to our customers’ requirements. Our goal is to provide pixel-perfect editing to all businesses that utilize our services, minimizing concerns about the quality of their photo production.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Do We Offer Bulk Image Discounts?

Yes, we do it. Our discount policy applies. The more you order, the higher the discount rate. You can calculate your discount amount on our website. Simply specify the number of images you wish to process and the expected return period.

What Photoshop Software Do We Use?

Adobe Photoshop is our primary editing software. Continually update your Photoshop program to make sure you’re using the latest version. This way you won’t miss out on new features. If you have special requirements, we also have other well-known editing software available.

What is the Best File Format To Send Us?

The best file format for editing in Photoshop is RAW. As the original version of the image, you have the freedom to rework it in a variety of ways, ensuring your edits are as accurate as possible. Also accepts JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, Bitmap, PSD, EPS, RAW (.cr2, .cr3, .nef, .orf, .raw, .sr2 .nef).

How do I choose the best photo editing service provider?

To choose the best photo editing company, look at their experience, expertise, and sample work. You can use the “Free Trial” to try out the way it works for yourself.

Is there a guarantee for quality Photography editing?

Yes, we 100% guarantee high-quality image editing and offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee if you don’t like the output. However, this rarely happens as our in-house experts provide pixel-perfect editing solutions that outperform our competitors.

How long does it take to deliver the edited photos?

Processing time varies depending on the complexity of the task. But here at Clipping Path Tech he can deliver within 24 hours.

Why choose clipping path Tech for your photo editing needs?

Clipping Path Tech is a professional photo editing service provider that offers a wide range of services including background removal, image masking, photo retouching, color correction, and more. Here’s why you should choose us as your photo editing partner:

High-quality results: We have a team of in-house professional designers who can handle the most complex cutouts and provide high-quality results. Our experts use the latest photo editing software and technology to meet your needs for the cleanest edges and e-commerce products.

Short processing time: We will get your photos back to you within a very short time. Customer satisfaction and time management are our priorities. Even if you need to take thousands of shots early on, we’re ready to help. Cost-effective: No matter the size of your business, we offer budget-friendly solutions. We focus on your business goals and requirements.

Customized Services: Are you looking for customized photo editing services to meet your business or consumer needs? Our experienced designers are versatile in exploring and overcoming new challenges to deliver industry-based results. I like sex.

Great customer support: Our dedicated customer support team (24/7) is here to help you whenever you need it. If you have any questions or concerns, we are always here to help.

Can CPT handle my bulk clipping path needs?

Just tell us your requirements and our in-house Photoshop experts will do the rest.

    We will help you achieve your Graphics designs goals. At garage, we can help you every step of the way. Join our family and own your business. What are you waiting for? Take the first step today.

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    We will help you achieve your Graphics designs goals. At garage, we can help you every step of the way. Join our family and own your business. What are you waiting for? Take the first step today.

    Clipping Path Tech LTD © 2023. All Rights Reserved. Designed by MetaFore Online

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